Cadet College Bhurban- Admissions 2016

Cadet College Bhurban aims to shape  young boys into a perfectly fit and healthy men. They provide 6 years of training and studies that prepare students for induction in the Pakistan army. if  you are willing then apply and get admission.

Cadet College Bhurban- Admission 2016

Cadet College Bhurban- Admission 2016

The institution is located at Bhurban Rawat Hills Murree, which is 70 Km away from Islamabad.

Admission Criteria

The criteria for admission to the college are  the candidate must have passed his matriculation exam and must be 17-18 years old. In the case that the candidate is applying for a lower class, then he should be studying in that class or must have passed the lower classes (but should not exceed age limit).


Class 7th 11-12

Class 8th 13-14

Class 9th 14-15

Class 11th 17-18


Admission Form

Admission can be obtained from the campus office on a payment of Rs 750. You can also download the form here Admission Form Cadet College Bhurban 2016

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