Canadian Immigration Process From Pakistan

For all Pakistanis, who want to apply for Canadian immigration should read our article ‘Canadian immigration process from Pakistan’. If you have a plan to live in Canada on permanent basis, then few questions could be asked to you in this process. There are few immigration programs; you should apply according to your suitable one. The immigration programs of Canada for Pakistanis are given below for your convenience.

  • Skilled Professional

The first program is for the skilled professionals & professionals, who are interested in Canadian immigration. Such people should be outside from Quebec territory. This program is known as ‘Express Entry’. For this purpose you have to follow given below steps;

  1. You need to fulfill the requirements of qualification, experience, occupation, age, language skills and adaptability
  2. Fill the application form and answer all the questions correctly.
  3. The processing fee of all the people accompanying you to Canada, should be attached with the application form.
  4. All the required documents, such as IELTS/TOEFL scores, bank statement and photos etc. should be attached.
  5. Submit your application through designation post of visa.
  6. After the application form is accepted then applicant should pay for the medical examination. The applicant need to submit Police clearance certificate too in this process.
  7. If the application will be approved, ‘Permanent resident fee’ should be submitted by applicant.
  8. For the visa issuance, your original valid passport will be  required.
  • Settlement in Canada

The second program for Pakistanis are Canadian settlement visa. It is also a family visa that is given after the relatives are willing to sponsor you. The sponsors should be with the Canadian nationality. The relation with the resident should be spouse, conjugal partners, parent/ grandparent, dependent child, orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild (under 19) or any other close relative.

  • Super Visa

The third program is for such individuals, whose parents or grandparents have Super visa of Canada. You can apply in two different ways.

  1. You can apply through online website of Canadian embassy. All documents will be required.
  2. You can also apply through application. For this purpose, get the package of your application. There is need to proof your relation through valid document whether the person is your real mother and Father or grandmother and grandfather. Along with that, all other requirement should be fulfilled  including visa fee.
  3. Submit your application from the country where you are living.
  4. Now check the processing time of your application. It will depend on the visa office where you have applied.
  5. You will also appear in the interview and medical exam.

It is better to apply on your own behalf and you don’t need a representative. Even, if you need a representative then choose one for yourself.

  • Self-employed, Investor or Entrepreneur

Last program is for the applicants who are self-employed, investor or Entrepreneur. For this program, you need to provide following things.

  1. Fill the application form correctly.
  2. Submit the processing fee and attach it as a proof on the application form.
  3. All relevant documents should be attached.
  4. Submit your application for the purpose of processing.
  5. If your application will be accepted, then you have to appear in medical exams.
  6. Police certificate is necessary to declare that you have no link with criminal activities

Canadian immigration is dream of most of the Pakistani nationals. It should be in your knowledge that few questions could be asked . The questions are related to your nationality, age, family members, language ability, education & work experience, income or net worth and details of job, if some job will be offered to you in Canada. Make sure, you have to provide accurate answers to fulfill the requirements.

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