Easy Team building activities & Ideas

Today, I am going to share ‘Easy team building activities and ideas’ with the viewers. For a positive professional relationship, the workplace interactions and communication played an important role. Every member, whether they are managers, colleagues and customers should be the part of  your communication. It will reduce your frustration and confusion while working in an office.

Communication is always encouraged in large organizations. It is often effective, if we practice it in our official duties. Research shows that it provides motivation and create ‘productive work environment’.

Easy Team building activities & Ideas

Easy Team building activities & Ideas

Following few activities and ideas are given for your convenience.

  • Team Building groups

If you are manager or leader of a team then you need to divide the staff into various groups. It is better to provide lunch in this activity. Now you need to assign different topics to the team and ask them to thoughtfully discuss it with each other. Every group member should respond and be a part of discussion.

It is best to make groups with mix of junior and senior employees. It is possible that juniors will learn from the experience of senior employees. After the end of session, you should check the opinion of every member about the topic. Junior employees can also provide some tricky ideas that will be helpful in the working of various tasks.

  • Communication between departments.

It will be considered a good idea, if you schedule your employees to work with one another department for one day or more. Most of the time, employees are curious about the work of other departments. You need to satisfy their interest by introducing employees to other group.

It is an opportunity for other employees, to learn the work of different departments in an organization. By this way, you can build cross-department cooperation as well as understanding between employees. You may find few employees, who will try to choose another path of career. For this purpose, you should send more skilled and experience members of a department to spend some time with other department.

  • Hold work book clubs

The company should purchase books for the help of employees. Such books should provide support in the working of organization’s business. You need to make groups and ask them discuss some chapter of the book. Every employee of the group should take turn to read any topic of the chapter

This is one of the best idea to keep in touch with the books. A manager or leader of the department should make a target to complete the work book in some time period. Manager should make sure, whether the employees are learning from the book or just listening it. It is better to ask the questions after the whole discussion otherwise it will be a waste of time.

  1. Group games & exercises

For team build activities, a manager should provide opinion of various group games as well as exercises. Such exercises must have learning points of certain topics, related to nature of business. By adopting Psychometric and personality questionnaire, employees can develop better understanding with each other.

This will build confidence in the team members and before such activities, they will prepare themselves to compete with each other. Make sure, the exercises and group games are relevant to the work of a department, group of team.

  1. Information exchange

It is a good idea to take feedback from customers. This idea will work to maintain the quality at reasonable level. Such companies that have no forum for customers, often face issues in the long run. It is not possible to keep the quality customers by skipping this activity. If you have an online forum, where customers can gave their feedback then it is best for you. It is good to adopt the latest styles and technology, which is demand of valuable customers.

You can also share your activities with the customers and ask their feedback to provide much better products or services. This feedback should be shared with the relevant staff members. It will help them to realize, what they need to follow in future. By this idea, you can build your team according to the requirements of latest technology.

  • Workshops

To build a team, workshops are considered as a healthy activity. You can focus on a specific topic without any interruption. Most of the time, workshops are arranged when employees have a collective goal. It often happened that for some specific projects people try to provide their best efforts for an outcome. It is also useful to develop a strategy in the team. For tactical plans, workshop play an important role of team building. It will enable the brain to try different tactics in upcoming projects.

It would be a good idea to schedule workshop for employees. Through this way, they can improve their skills and apply on their experience. It also develop healthy relation among team members and they will be able to solve various business issues by mutual understanding.

  • Use of ice-breakers in meetings

Few teams don’t need ice breakers, who meet each other frequently. Often, when a new team is formed, there is always need of an ice-breaker. While re-proposing a team, they worked really well and improve the abilities of other employees.

Such people are good to participate in meetings because they provide many good ideas that a team need to establish. These ice-breakers can provide many relationship guidelines and a team can perform exceptionally well by following these guidelines.

  • Departmental lunches

A manager should provide the idea of departmental lunches. Manager should forward such ideas to the upper management to arrange this activity. For this purpose, a ‘restaurant’ or ‘grilling’ at some local park are good for the activities of team building. It is also fine to schedule employees for fun games outside the office. It is healthy outdoor activity that works well in the team building.

By share meal in a group, people can understand each other in better way. Office atmosphere often struck the mind of every employee. If you choose a place outside the office then it will definitely encourage many employees to discuss their official and general matters with each other. Such discussion may provide support to many employees and they will be able to perform their responsibilities by the experience of other team members.

  • Sports activities

A manager must provide the idea of sports activities. For this purpose, there should be sports teams in your work place. People will be able to play baseball, basketball, golf, cricket, soccer, hockey and more. It should be responsibility of company to pay the registration fee of employees, who are participating in various games. The teams should participate in local matches with other teams. These sports activities are good for health that employees cannot maintain, by spending whole day in the office.

It would be a good, if the prize money is distributed to the local charities. If organization is organizing various distance races then all the participants should wear the T-shirts of company. Company T-shirts should be used for all the games. This idea is no doubt exceptional for the team building. Such activities will promote the name of a company and also improve the health of an employee.

  • Fitness sessions in workplace

It would be a good idea to manage activity of fitness sessions. Organization should provide yoga classes to the employees at noon. There could be weekly weight watchers meetings. The group exercises also build exceptional fitness opportunities for the employees. There are many employees who are concerned about their weight gain. Through such sessions, they can easily maintain their fitness to a reasonable level.

By these activities, employees will try to walk 3 to 5 kilometer in a week. Such activity could take place at the end of a working day. If there is a park near office or office has its own park and jogging track then it could be used for this purpose. It is better for employees to walk or run together on the track in a race.

  • Fun classes

It would be better to provide the fun classes for employees and their families. This arrangement is better on weekends or after work. Many large organizations are successfully running their team building activities that include cheese making, cooking classes and also sessions for the customers to attend without paying the fees.

Employees should involve in these events because it is seriously good for team building. If you are working in an organization that is doing business of packed food items then you need to invite the customers. It is a good activity to educate the customers about the products of company.

  • Encourage the employees to become volunteer in charities work

You should encourage your employees to work voluntarily for the help of charities. It is a good idea to manage some spare time for the people who are running charities. They can also provide their services for the homeless people. By this way, they can provide support to the poor families and can manage homes for them.

Such employees can also collect food for the people who are suffering due to lack of food. This is good to work as a volunteer and it will improve the team building activities. In this way, employees can build a team of many people to work for the deserving people and promote the name of organization. Working for the charitable work will improve the reputation of organization. Many skilled and experienced people will wish to become a part of your organization.

  • Host activities for the employees families

It is a good idea to manage different activities in the workplace. In workplace, you can allow the family members of employees to participate. It would be a good idea to arrange a dinner in the premises of organization. This is not so much costly, because you are using the workplace. The authorities just need to manage the cost of food.

You can also arrange it outside the office premises. For this purpose, it is better to select a decent restaurant that is good option for families. In this way, families can create a friendship relationship with each other. This will really help employees to work with more dedication and determination in a work place. Friendly atmosphere is always demand of an employee while working in an organization.

  • Goal setting

It must be a strategy of manager to set goal for various groups working in a department. Such goal could be set for individuals and team. By this strategy, people will try to provide the best output as a team. A manager should define the criteria of success & failure because it will help the staff to focus on the objective. This is a good idea to strengthen the team member’s motivation. The objectives and goal setting will allow them to improve their performance and provide the result in given deadline.

It is always better to offer increments in case of a successful result. In this situation, every individual will hopefully give his or her best efforts that in no doubt in the favor of organization. There are few projects, those are always considered the main objectives of an organization. It should be priority of a manager or leader of a team to set goal, in such projects. Along with that, a manager should trust on the capability of employees. It is better to take reports through a checklist. There is no need to verbally ask the status of a certain task in short time periods.

The team building activities always help to stretch your imagination at a workplace. It is no doubt good to create relationship of friendship in a workplace. By team building, the people will work as a community. It has low cost but it is highly effective for the success of a business or organization. Team building activities can create your workplace a desirable place for the people, who want to work in some reputed organization.

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