English Language Course in Urdu

Being one of the most popular languages in world, the importance of English language cannot be denied or ignored. According to many, English language is a key to success and in order to penetrate in the global market, you need to know English. Almost everyone wants to learn English but many people faces difficulty while learning this language and especially in developing countries people face even more difficulties.

English Language Course in Urdu

Being one of the developing countries, Pakistan and its people needs learn this language in order to move into the international market. But as we know that majority of the people has done schooling from Urdu medium so it is very difficult for them to learn this language from the traditional ways but this issue is now no more a barrier and “English Language Course in Urdu” is an initiative which is taken and there are many institutions who are offering this course.

Why we need to learn English language?

Before learning any certain language or skill, everyone needs to know that what benefits it will gave them and same is the case in learning English language. Below are some of the benefits which one can get by learning English language

  1. English language may not be the most spoken and understood language around the world, but in a large number of countries it is the official language. According to an estimate, there are more than 2 billion people who use English language to communicate
  2. It has become extremely important for people to learn and speak English if they want to go global and move in to the international market. English is now of the most dominant business language now and research has also indicated that cross – border business communication is now mostly conducted in English language. The importance of English language in the international market can’t be denied and learning this language can really help you
  3. Majority of the world’s top books, films and music are produced and published in English language. So therefore by learning this language will open a treasure of knowledge and entertainment and you will be able to learn and know about rich literature.
  4. On internet, majority of the content is produced in English (50 per cent). So knowing this language will enable you to have access to great amount of information available on internet.

Institutes offering “English Learn in Urdu”

There are many online websites which are offering this course such as www.urdu-english.com, www.englishonlinelearning.in, www.englishinurdu.com etc. They offers customized curriculum according to needs and demand of different people. They teach this course through video chat, virtual classes, reading material etc. The course can be learned in 60 days to 120 days. They teach in easy way and every student is treated as an individual and they are taught according to their convenience. English language course in Urdu has helped the people a lot and many people are now going for these courses to learn the language

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