Oxford University Scholarships

The topic “Oxford University Scholarships” is especially for the Pakistani students. Such students, who are interested to apply in the University for Admission on scholar basis will get valuable information from my article. The Scholarship is known as ‘Reach Oxford Scholarship’. Study abroad is dream of most of the students, in Pakistan. The main reason is the quality of Education in foreign countries, especially UK that has some well-known Universities of the world. Such universities mainly include Oxford University. After the completion of course from Oxford University, you can easily find a good job in Pakistan. It should be in the knowledge of every student that they will not granted the scholarship if they are not offered any place at ‘Oxford’.

Oxford University Scholarships

To know all the detail, students are advised to visit the Website of Oxford University instead of external websites. External websites are not that much reliable, because the content on these websites are written by external writers. Such writers are not associated with Oxford University. It might be possible that these external websites are doing advertisement of their scheme. They could be encouraging the applicants to confirm their eligibility, by reading the details.
The scholarships are for those students, who are from such countries where the income of people is low. It is also offered due to non-existence of ‘suitable educational facilities’. Due to some political or some financial issues in the country, students also applied for the scholarship, in UK. In these situations, a student may face a lot of problems to study in their countries and cannot get a proper degree. Earlier, the scholarship was known as ‘Oxford Student Scholarships’ instead of ‘Reach Oxford Scholarships’. Due to a lot of financial issues in Pakistan, students of our country are also eligible for the scholarships.
To know whether you are eligible for the scholarships, please read the following things.
Applicants need to be national of Pakistan, if he or she is applying from Pakistan. Pakistan is in the list of those countries that receive ‘official development assistance’ from the side of ‘Development Assistance Committee or DAC’’ of the ‘Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’. It is also known as OECD.

Fee status is overseas. The rate is dependent on your ‘nationality’ and the status of your ‘immigration’. You will be charged according to your living and your status in the last three years. It should be prior to the starting date of your given course in the University.

The course in which the student is applying, should be at least Undergraduate course.

The scholarship is only for the new students.

Students are allowed to apply scholarships for all the subjects in their relevant course, but subject of medicine is exempted from the scholarship.

All the colleges are not offering scholarships ‘every year’. In case, if a college accepted you that is not offering this scheme then it will still allow you to apply for the scholarship. You will be awarded scholarship if the application from your side is successful and your arrangements of transfer will be definitely made between colleges.

Such candidates, whose academic ability is high and they have received the offer of scholarship are best suitable for this scheme. The major criteria is financial need as well as social commitment in the process of selection. After the completion of studies, students should return to their homeland or country because this is one of the major criteria of their scholarships. Such students, whose education level is below undergraduate will be given priority for scholarships.
To cover the scholarships, following things should be in your knowledge. Please read it in points.
Duration of course should be three and four years. The scholarships is dependent on the length of your course.
The course have a defined ‘tuition and college fees’. It also offer grant for the purpose of living expenses. Every year, there is a ‘return air fare’ for the students.
The number of awards should be 2 to 3 per year.

Application Procedure
Applicants should follow the procedure given below:
The process of applications will open in the middle of January 2016. You will hopefully find an offer for the purpose of study, through scholarships. The classes will start from the month of October 2016. The form of application and all other guidance will be at the webpage of Oxford University.
Students from Pakistan need to submit the application till 12 noon (UK time). The last date of application is 17th February 2016.
After receiving all the applications the process of selection will start in spring 2016.
Students who applied to study through scholarship will be informed in the month of May 2016.
Special Notes
An application must send from your side through UCAS to the University, by 15th October 2015. The application should be successful, to gain a place.
An application form of scholarship, should be completed from your side separately. You need to arrange at least 2 references and then submit it on your own behalf. These documents should be with the guidance notes that can easily download on the page right hand side.
Candidates those are rejected at Oxford for a place, are not considered. That’s why, it’s better for them to avoid sending the application for scholarships. It is a waste of time of such students.
It is expected from the side of scholars to write report of their annual year that is related to their various activities. These activities include ‘academic’ and ‘social’ activities’ as well as their achievements while studying in the University. In these subsequent years, the award’s receipt will be given after the student proved that his or her academic progress is satisfactory. The satisfaction level will be judged, according to the defined level in the given course.

Every applicant needs to be aware that this scheme’s competition is high and it is not possible to award scholarships to everyone. University have limited sources for the scholarships students. It is not possible to provide it to all the students, even if they are eligible in criteria. University will not provide additional funding to such candidates, who are rejected from scholarship.

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