Pakistani Earned $10 Million On Internet by Selling WordPress Theme

All of us have an encouraging topic for today, i.e. “Pakistani Earned $10 Million by Selling WordPress Theme”. In Envato market, most of the Envato buyers are attracted towards Themefusion. Without any doubt, it is their long time favorite. Two guys ‘Luke Beck’ and ‘Muhammad Haris’, who were not known to anyone created ‘The design firm’ after both of them met at Envato Market. Both of them made a ‘top selling theme’ on ‘Themeforest – Avada’. They had no idea within next few years, they are going to become very popular and successful.
Both guys are now at next level. They are the first, who make sales of more than $10 million in one week.
It was asked with Luke about his amazing success on Themefusion and ongoing journey. When we asked, if he had any idea of reaching at such milestone in the beginning days, he replied that he was always confident of that success. He further added that people might think they are lying, but like every seller we started with confidence and believe that we will do our best. That’s true, we had no idea that within three years, we would reach at this high level.
When it was asked about their journey’s highlight, Luke Beck replied that they met amazing people, in this way. In the starting days, we were only two but later our firm grown up with 20 plus staff. The staff worked every day to bring this success. All of the staff is working like family members. Every member help other in time of need. They also do fun while working together.
In addition, at Envato these amazing people provide tremendous help, all the time. Your own working style that you want to do at your remote station is getting from others. It is no doubt, a blessing for our firm.
Both of them finished 2015 with high profiles and both are very confident for upcoming year 2016. When a tip was asked that could be creative and brand new to start in 2016, he replied that you need to take time to reach at your best. The knowledge should be right about your plan. There is always need to take risks and you should have confidence on the people around you. Listening to your customers will help you to grow your business, in every right way.
At last he thanked everyone whether they are staff, customers and all other connected people for this achievement. Without the brilliant staff members, the success was nearly impossible. For Envato, they create an amazing place of market. Same goes for the buyers & sellers, whose existence are lively for them. At the end, he specially thanked the team members of the firm, who worked hard to produce latest updates that keep the customers satisfied and happy.
We are congratulating both Luke Beck and Muhammad Haris on this success that is without any doubt a milestone. They are the inspiration for others, in same business. Now they are the people, who entered their name in the record books.

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