Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2016

Today I tell you about ‘Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2016’. Pakistan is one of the few developing countries in the world that is offered Scholarships from Internal sources that include government and private sector and it also include scholarships from developed countries. There is lot of development needed in many sectors especially Education.

Since 1947, Pakistan is struggling to provide quality education that is also cheap to poor and middle-class families of Pakistan. In 1947, there was no proper institution and educational board that was able to conduct examination and award degrees and certificates to students. In the later years, a lot of development were made and the process of education was started at satisfactory level but people from poor families faced issues to get education in prominent institutes and universities.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2016

Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2016

The main issue is still going on, and it is no other than low income. In the later years government and private sectors started providing scholarships to such students who are not able to afford their studies. There are a lot of students who have been provided scholarship and all of their funds are submitted in the university or college through such way. Due to their outstanding talent they are performing well at the higher level. Most of the times, such students are fully funded when they are going abroad for the purpose of study.

The scholarships are always provided after the concerned authorities of abroad university judged the talent of student. Like ‘Melbourne University, Australia’ Pakistani students are learning research studies after getting scholarship from the concerned authority. All the students who have brilliant background of student are also eligible for the well-known universities of United Kingdom and Spain but for this purpose they need to satisfy the authorities of the universities.

Last year there were 150 students from Pakistan who were provided scholarships for the purpose of study in ‘Australia’ as well as in other universities of the world. This is really a good news for the students who are working hard to earn a name in the world. It should be in the knowledge of every student that the merit system is very high and such students who fulfilled the requirements of merit are eligible for the scholarship.

For this purpose, they are advised to get good results in the annual exams then hopefully they can get free education in the reputed universities of foreign states. We wish best of luck to those students who are producing brilliant results and doing their best to secure their future. For further details please check the different kinds of Scholarships offered for the Pakistani students.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2016

Scholarships details are given according to their nature. Please check it accordingly.

Following scholarships are offered in Pakistan to support the poor families as well as such students who have performed exceptionally.

  • HEC Scholarships
  • Government Scholarships
  • Private Scholarships
  • Women Scholarships
  • Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Under Graduate Scholarships
  • PhD Scholarships
  • Master and Graduate Scholarships
  • Merit Based Scholarships
  • Need Based Scholarships
  • Talented Students scholarships
  • Fully Funded Scholarships
  • Agricultural Scholarships
  • IT Scholarships
  • Economics and Finance Scholarships
  • Law and Public Scholarships
  • Social Science Scholarships
  • Business Scholarships
  • Medical Scholarships
  • Chemistry Scholarships
  • Science Scholarships
  • Doctoral Scholarships
  • Engineering Scholarships
  • Fine Arts Scholarships

There are a lot of scholarships those are offered by various universities in foreign countries. These are given along with the name of Countries. Students are advised to check the detail for their convenience.

  • Scholarships in Japan
  • Scholarships in Germany
  • Scholarships in France
  • Scholarships in Canada
  • Scholarships in China
  • Scholarships in Malaysia
  • Scholarships in New Zealand
  • Scholarships in Australia
  • Scholarships in Turkey
  • Scholarships in UK
  • Scholarships in USA

Higher Education Commission is offering multiple scholarships for the Pakistani students from the last few years. These are offered to support those students who are undergraduate students, Bachelors students, Masters Students as well as students of Post graduate, M. Phil, MS and Ph. D studies. HEC is offering fully funded scholarship but the merit is also applied to grant it to the students who deserved it. Along with that many International universities are still playing positive role for Pakistani students and due to this support many students are able to learn quality education from such reputed universities.

After the studies, they are able to get good jobs in Pakistan as well as in foreign countries which is good for the development of our country. Along with Pakistan government and International universities there are many private companies those are also supporting students for the purpose of education. Although a lot of work is done to provide quality education to such students but still there is still improvement required in many ways.

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