Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

The topic “Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan” is for those people who want to start a business from low budget. In this article I am going to show you the best 10 opportunities which will help you to start your personal business with less basic cost. To know the information of all the small businesses those are also best due to less investment and more opportunities. Investors need to select the business that has the best market and more potential. For entire questions please read the things carefully.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

To know the best businesses in Pakistan which is profitable in the long run we are going to discuss everything with complete detail. Please read all the top 10 small Business ideas given below.


  • Oil & gas

Filling station is always a profitable business in Pakistan due to increase of demand for all the products of petroleum. This business is profitable in both summer and winter. This business required huge capital but within little time you can easily get huge returns. It is not possible for every investor to invest huge capital and start this business. To solve this problem you can start from a small level. The petroleum products could be sold at small scale and you can easily go up with the passage of time. There are many small gas filling stations in countries which are running with success. You can follow this for the success of your business.

  • Real Estate

In these days the demand for the housing structures is getting high every day. Due to increase of the value you can run your business successfully. If you check the facts you can easily understand that it is one of the best business in Pakistan. It only depend on your capital whether you want to start this business with big investment or small.

  • Luxury cars

One of the most profitable business is Pakistan is the selling of Luxury cars. By this way, you can earn money quickly. Along with that other automobiles business is also good due to increase of demand for second hand cars. In Pakistan there are few luxury cars dealers because it is difficult to afford the luxury cars. That’s why the opportunities are huge in the market for luxury cars.

  • Online freelance services

There are a lot of Pakistanis who are working as freelancers and making a lot of money through online websites. Many individual and other businesses those are from other developed countries prefer to hire professionals from Pakistan, Malaysia, India and other developing countries for different projects that include web design, content writing, translation, graphics design etc. In case if you have such skills then you can work as a ‘freelance professional’. Within few months you will be paid highly for your services.

  • Ice cream & frozen snacks

Pakistan is based in a region of world where  weather is mostly very hot. Mostly people relieved themselves from ice cream and frozen yogurt. A business which is selling these products could run very well especially at a public place. For this purpose you need to find a better place in a well-known market. By this way you can easily run a successful ice cream and frozen snacks business. Investors those are starting this business with low capital should buy the products from well-known companies and refrigerate it. For this purpose you should have refrigerators and power supply that must support your refrigerators till 24 hours.

  • Commercial properties

People who are owner of some land or a valuable property can earn money by commercialization. The main process for commercializing the property is leasing to the businesses and individuals who need it for their business purposes. People having assets can choose this business because it is suitable for them instead of spending time and energy on other businesses.

  • Spare parts of Automobile

Most of the people in Pakistan are relying on second hand cars and other automobiles because they can’t afford money of new cars. Due to this fact the demand  has increased for the spare parts of these automobiles. This business need huge money to invest on the spare parts. To start this business you don’t need to do a lot of research and also no qualification is required but you need to have a good knowledge of various automobiles because it need different spare parts. In case if you are lacking this information then you must have a partner or hire someone having deeper knowledge of this business.

  • Energy

By investment in alternative resources which can generate energy through wind and solar you can earn valuable profit in the long run. By providing connections to the people from these sources you could deal with the government for the solution of power issues in the country. This business need some technical person who have good knowledge of the business.

  • Animal farming

Pakistan is a country where the demand of milk, eggs and other products or animals are high. By investment in this business you can earn a good living style. This business is also known as animal farming. For this purpose one of the most famous business is poultry. Chicken, turkeys, eggs & so on are good for your earning. You can also consider goat, cattle, sheep and even fish as your main business. This business doesn’t need enough capital. Within short time you can generate a lot of profit.

  • Restaurant

In Pakistan there is always room for making new restaurants because the demand of quality food is high. You can offer local dishes after opening a restaurant and the location should be good enough for the business. By doing business of foreign cuisines like Chinese, Italian and American you can earn good profit in competition with other restaurants.

Pakistan’s economy is struggling these days but we have enough workforce. There is a lot of opportunities for the investors because Pakistan is one of the developing country where investors have keen eye on the workforce due to low labor expense. People who are native or even foreigners always want to invest because they can earn handsome income or money by investing in right business.

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