Here I am to update you about the latest jobs in Bahawalpur which is situated in province Punjab, Pakistan. This city is pretty, beautiful and attractive. There are number of beautiful saints’ tombs which can attract the visitors towards them. Many visitors come here for pleasure and amusement because it has a vast culture and traditions. This city is highly industrial and most of the population of this city is engaged to traditions and industries work. Many jobs are announced by the industries and different department in this city. For our viewers there are every type of latest jobs information announced in Bahawalpur is available on our webpage.

Date Job Title Qualification Last Date

8th Feb 2017

Education Department (Higher Education) Government of Punjab Jobs 2017

20th Feb 2017

3rd Feb 2017

Education Department Government of Punjab Bahawalpur Jobs 2017

20th Feb 2017

26th Jan 2017

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Jobs 2017

21st Feb 2017

10th Jan 2017

Livestock Department & Dairy Development Government Punjab Jobs 2017

2nd Feb 2017

6th Jan 2017

Bahawalpur Waste Management Company Jobs 2017

21st Jan 2017