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Best hosting provider meets all basic requirements for starting a website or ligatures. Hence, naturally they have similar features. When we consider Bluehost vs speed we find Bluehost is faster. Also, Host. So, those who want to launch new website or new blog may prefer HostGator.

In fact, HostGator performs equally well. Those who navigate the Bluehost interface find it very easy and comfortable. This makes significant difference between Bluehost and . It is very difficult to say which is the best – Bluehost or . Both Bluehost and  offer efficient and reliable hosting service. Among the best WordPress hosting companies. is reliable and assures customer-friendly service.

Bluehost advantages

Bluehost web hosting service is very cheap since all the Plan are shared-hosting based. When a given server caters to multiple sites. The hosting service will be very cheap. Bluehost offers a variety of services – shared hosting, cloud hosting.  VPS, dedicated servers and domain names. Those who opt for the 3-years contract with Bluehost can get the service for the best monthly rates. The 30-day money back guarantee enables unsatisfied customers to get full refund. In case of WP sites Bluehost allows site migrations free of charges.

advantages of Bluehost

Bluehost advantages

Bluehost plans & prices

single website
50 GB SSD storage
bandwidth not metered
5 email accounts
free domain for 1 year
custom themes
24/7 customer support
free CDN
free SSL certificate
PLUS: Price – $5 per month


unlimited websites
bandwidth and storage not metered
unlimited email accounts
free domain for 1 year
spam protection for email
free SSL certificate
free CDN
3. CHOICE PLUS: Price – $5.45 per month for 3 years. On completion of 3 years renew for $16.99 per month.


domain protection and privacy
backups with Code Guard Basic
all features of Bluehost PLUS Plan
4. BLUEHOST PRO: Price – $13.95 per month for 3 years. On completion of 3 years renew for $26.99 per month.


dedicated IP
privacy and protection for domain
all features of CHOICE PLUS Plan
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Why use HostGator

Best prices of HostGator Plans are supported with extended commitment terms. Longer contracts ensure cost-effective hosting. Hostgator offers 45-days money back guarantee. This guarantee applies to shared or VPS hosting only. Hostgator allows free site migrations for WP sites and cPanel based sites. This facility is available for all websites and emails under one cPanel account.

HostGator Plans & Prices

1. Hatchling Plan: Price – $2.75 per month (introductory offer)


single domain
just one click for WP install
WP/cPanel website transfer free
bandwidth unmetered
free domain
free SSL certificate

2. Baby Plan: Price – $3.50 per month (introductory offer)


unlimited domains
just one click WP install
WP/cPanel website transfer free
bandwidth unmetered
free domain
free SSL certificate

3. Business Plan: Price – $5.25 per month(introductory offer)


unlimited domain
just one-click WP install
WP/cPanel website transfer free
free SSL certificate
free upgrade to positive SSL
dedicated, free IP
free tools for SEO
free domain included
Namecheap hosting

Namecheap offers cost-effective domain names. This is indeed a boon for individuals and startups that search for the cheapest web hosting services. The Marketplace feature of Namecheap enables the users to select from a variety of domain names and resell them. When they resell the domains they can earn profit. Namecheap provides highly informative and promptly updated status page. Users can know about website maintenance schedules and service upgrades announcements from the status page. This will enable them to be well prepared during peak seasons.

Namecheap Plans and Prices:

1. Stellar: Price – $2.88 per month.


allow 3 websites with 20GB of space on SSD accelerated servers
30 email accounts
50 positive SSL certificates
bandwidth unmetered
solution to check backups twice a week
2. Stellar Plus: Price – $4.88 per month


unlimited websites, unlimited space
unlimited emails
bandwidth unmetered
not purely solid-stare servers
ideal for businesses that need more functionality
3. Stellar Business: Price -$8.88 per month


the best for e-commerce businesses
a few users allowed per server
SSD and PCD compliant solution
50 GB storage space
less congested servers
ensures faster performance of websites

Why Namecheap hosting?


It is a reliable hosting service that provides efficient customer support. The Plans are cost-effective and the interface is user-friendly. Registration process is very fast. Namecheap is an ideal hosting service for startups and small businesses. Namecheap security features are excellent. It has best hardware and software firewalls. Namecheap has also Hotlink protection, virus scanners and SSL certificates. contact numbers and emails. . However, this money back guarantee provides very little time to check all features and analyze each Plan.

Namecheap the best

Primarily, Namecheap is a hosting service. Shared hosting by Namecheap offers different pricing plans. These plans have different features and functionalities. They provide large amounts of disc space, databases and email accounts. Autoresponders and other tools and unlimited bandwidth. For VPS hosting a free website domain name and privacy protection are offered. VIP hosting also allows selection of operating system and full root access. Domains offered by Namecheap are highly affordable. Users can set up Using the Domains Marketplace, users can browse, buy and sell domains. Namecheap offers an amazing platform to increase the online presence of the user.

website set up

website powered by Namecheap Cloud

supporting any domain

easy backups

access to database and SFTTP

Easy free domain

24/7 customer support


Why choose Namecheap?

1. Domain names are provided for affordable price.

2. Users can make profit by selling domains to other interested companies.

3. Announcements are made in advance regarding maintenance, service upgrades and status of network.

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HostGator provides one of the most widely used hosting solution. has hosted more than 9 million domains. It offers dedicated VPS packages with excellent cloud quality. The main service offered by  is shared hosting for Windows and Linux. These packages are ideal for small and medium-size businesses.  also offers cloud hosting and dedicated server services. Users are assured of stable and consistent websites. Protection from DDoS attack is assured.  offers 45-days money back guarantee. Prices of Plans are affordable. Those who run WP-based blogs, low-maintenance websites, e-commerce stores, etc. Will prefer hosting services provided by HostGator.



Namecheap provides general hosting and domains for comparatively lower prices. Other services offered by include efficient support,.site management using cPanel. Stable servers, security solutions. cloud services and application installer offers the best search engine for domain name suggestions. Namecheap hosting services include shared hosting. WP hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, private email hosting and dedicated servers. Is integrated with SSL apps, various productivity apps and site builders. The difference in the prices makes  the winner in the  v  tussle. For all hosting plans, Namecheap prices are cheaper and  has better response time also.

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