Black Friday 2022: WordPress, SEO and online business


It’s that time again! In the days and weeks surrounding Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. there are great deals and up to 80% discounts on WordPress plugins and themes, SEO tools and other online business tools. In this article I have collected 120+ deals and offers for you. At the beginning you will find my highlights for this year, such as B. Deposit photos, Surfer SEO, Element or or the Adobe Creative Cloud. My highlights this year

1. Deposit photos


The App Sumo deal for Deposit photos is now legendary! A few times a year there is an opportunity to get stock photo packages from Deposit photos for significantly less than the regular price. So also in this year’s Black Week. For just $39 you get 100 stock photos, which works out to about $0.35 per image. The price is unbeatable . Unlike many other stock photo services, the photo credits have no expiration date!2. Surfer SEO
Surfer SEO

2.Surfer SEO is the second most used SEO tool right now (just behind ahrefs).


On the one hand, it offers useful functions for keyword research, such as B. the content planner, which gives you keyword clusters on a topic, and a keyword tool that shows the SERP similarity. On the other hand, Surfer SEO allows you to analyze the search results for a specific keyword in detail in order to optimize your articles and pages precisely for a keyword and its search intention. From Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday, there is a 30% discount on the first 6 months or optionally 30% on the annual plan if you pay monthly.

3. New level SEO

There is an awesome bonus for my SEO course over Black Week: Everyone who is up to and including 29.11. If you register for the course, you will receive free individual coaching with me personally worth €300.This bonus is a one time thing and I don’t know if I will ever offer it again in this form.

This is also the last opportunity to book the course this year, because after Black Friday New Level SEO will be closing its doors to new course participants for the time being.


4. Element or

Element or is a popular (or maybe even the most popular?) page builder for WordPress. Landing pages and even your entire website can be easily and flexibly designed using drag & drop without having to touch HTML or CSS. Element or Pro offers additional features and blocks, such as: B. Countdown and testimonial or eCommerce widgets, a popup builder and integrations to newsletter tools like MailChimp and Active Campaign. There is a discount of up to 50% on Black Friday, depending on the tariff. The higher the tariff, the higher the discount!

5. Real cookie banners


Real Cookie Banner is currently the best cookie plugin for WordPress .The developers of Real Cookie Banner looked at the top dog Borlabs Cookie and thought: Let’s do it better. And they pulled off the coup! Real Cookie Banner not only offers a slightly larger range of functions than Borla’s Cookie, but can also be configured more quickly, has a nicer interface and convinces with more attention to detail.

6. Divi


Divi is one of the most popular premium themes worldwide. And not without reason: It is characterized by a high degree of flexibility and expandability and offers many design templates for just about every conceivable application. On Black Friday there is a whopping 25% on Divi. In addition, there is a discount of up to 50% on products from the Divi Marketplace.

7. EWWW Image Optimizer

The EWWW Image Optimizer is a plugin that I’ve been using on my WordPress websites for 5+ years to optimize images. Not only does it offer the ability to compress PNG or JPG images on upload or in bulk, but it also converts them to the more modern and slimmer WEBP format. AppSumo has a mega deal for the cloud version this year: You can get the Growth plan, which normally costs $150 per year, for just $99 as a lifetime plan (albeit with 200 GB instead of 400, but that’s bearable).


nova share is my best new plugin discovery this year! I’ve been using it here on Blog mojo for a few months now. It offers chic share buttons with share count, which can be flexibly integrated into the blog and the design can be adapted. The highlight: Unlike most other sharing plugins, nova share has minimal impact on loading time and core web vitals. The JavaScript file used, novashare.min.js , is just 802 bytes in size. Overall, it comes to a file size of about 5 KB and is therefore extremely lightweight.

9. Generate Blocks


Generate Blocks was the main reason for me to switch from Element or to Gutenberg. The ingenious plugin, which comes from the makers of Generate Press , extends the Gutenberg editor by just four blocks (container, headline, grid, buttons).But they have it all! You can use it to create great landing pages (such as those from my SEO course ) or to massively upgrade the content design of blog articles. And it does so without negatively impacting load time and core web vitals like most other page builders do.

10. permitters

Permitters is one of the best performance plugins for WordPress and is very affordable (a single license normally costs around €22, with a 30% discount just over €15).You can use it e.g. B. control which CSS and JS files are loaded in which places on your WordPress website, which can sometimes improve the loading time enormously! This is because many plugins unnecessarily load their files globally on your website, although the plugin’s functions are only used on a few pages (such as a contact form). In addition, permitters offers various advanced performance settings and purifications for WordPress, such as B. Lazy loading, local loading of Google Fonts or pre-loading.

11. Post space


Postpace is a small but fine SEO tool that is now an integral part of my blog article workflow. Among other things, it shows you a summary of the top 10 pages for a keyword (count of words, H-headings, relevant questions, etc.), which can help you enormously in finding an article structure. The lifetime license costs $97 on App Sumo, which is unbeatable in terms of price. Especially since I can very well imagine that it will quickly become more expensive (it is constantly being further developed and goes in a similar direction to Surfer SEO).

12.WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one of the best and most comprehensive load time optimization plugins on the market. I’ve been using it myself for several years on Blog mojo and Feminine . In addition to very good page caching with a preload function, it offers numerous other setting options to make WordPress faster, e.g. B. Critical CSS, merging and compression of CSS and JS files or lazy loading.

13. Avada

With almost 750,000 sales, Avada is the best-selling WordPress theme on Theme Forest .And not without reason: Firstly, it is very flexible and allows you to design your website entirely using drag & drop (there are now over 70 design elements, such as toggles, sliders or info boxes) .Secondly, unlike some other themes and page builders, Avada offers a huge selection of templates that are very beautifully and professionally designed. Last but not least, you only pay for Avada once and do not have to take out an annual subscription.

14. Mangool’s Suite

The Mangols suite is a comprehensive SEO toolbox that I have been using myself for 5+ years. It is ideal for beginners and contains many useful tools that you need for everyday SEO, such as: B. a backlink checker, a rank tracker and the Kinder, one of my favorite tools for keyword research.

15. Link Whisper

Internal linking is extremely important for a good Google ranking. The Link Whisper plugin makes the internal linking of your WordPress website much easier! It scans all posts in WordPress and generates a list of all internal and outgoing links. So you can quickly see which posts are not well linked internally. Additionally, it finds broken links and displays 404 errors. I’ve been using it on my blog for over two years now and I don’t want to be without it anymore.

16. sensible

sensible is a newsletter tool that convinces with a modern user interface and many functions, such as e.g. B. a landing page builder, live chat and autoresponders. Sensible is actually a French provider, but a German GmbH is also responsible for German customers. The servers are also in Germany. The monthly price at sensible is not determined by the number of contacts, but by the number of emails sent. So if you have a lot of contacts but only send e-mails very rarely, sensible can be significantly cheaper than MailChimp and Co.

17.Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe ‘s Creative Cloud is the toolset for any graphic designer, web designer, video producer or photographer. It includes popular professional tools like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom and Illustrator. For this year’s Black Week there is a whopping 40% on the Creative Cloud for single users on the first year. That means instead of €59.49 per month you only pay €35.69.

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