How to Create Blog Web Site in 2024 Step by Step Guide

Here you can read in derails about How to Create Blog Web Site in 2024 Step by Step Guide. Create blog website earlier blogging used to be a personalized journal, people used to share online, where you can write and share about your daily life. Post good content perhaps you can build social relation between the readers and other bloggers too.

How to Create Blog Web Site in 2024 Step by Step Guide

You can start blogging as a hobby by just start writing articles on good topics, or as a business venture where you can surely have some passive income. Nonetheless it will help you to create an incredible network of people to connect you.

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is a person who writes and publishes articles about any topic regularly to serve their audience and grow a sense of community, and can be intended for marketing and developing products. Successful attributes of a good blogger for blogging. You have to understand that blogging is journey of education and experience.

To be amazing in blogging you have to commit for the long time filled with patience and passion to write smartly. You need not spend hours on screens but you need to work smartly and strategically. As they say, ‘all the good things in life are worth waiting for’, in the same way it takes time to make a successful and profitable blogging. Get a clear picture for blogging about web hosting providers.

There are several web hosting providers for blogging now a days. It is the place where you will store all the files of your blog. Neglecting to select a good web hosting provider can affect your blog severely. They should be affordable with unlimited storage and security features. In the list of best high paying web hosting provider in 2020, is the Bluehost web hosting company.

What is Bluehost and its features

Bluehost is one of the largest and best web hosting providers. It is the most reliable web hosting for beginners for blogging. Since several years they have established a good reputation and have been a top choice for WordPress, nevertheless they offer you good commission for blogging. Bluehost allows you to own your domain name

Custom control panel which gives you freedom to customize anything on your site.
SSL certificate which provides excellent security with automated updates. Very easy and Simple one click installs for WordPress
Unlimited bandwidth which speeds up your site.
Affordable and easy to use packages.

This web hosting company has everything which is required for blogging from start up to huge success. Which is specifically built for results and peace of mind.

what is blue host and its features


There are many types of hosting plans for blogging. Choose any plan that suits you the best according to your preferences. All the plans in Bluehost for blogging comes with free domain name for a year with 30 days money back guarantee.

Shared web hosting and WordPress hosting plans.
Choice plus.
VPS (virtual private server) hosting.
Dedicated hosting.


 Choose Your Niche/ Story for Blogging.

Before you head to Bluehost to create your account, you have to make sure what you want to write and inspire people about the most. You have to choose a topic which you are passionate about blogging, as this will seep into your writing and engage your readers. Think of those topics which intrigues you Instead of blogging on topic which you aren’t familiar, take advantage of your experience to work on your blog. Just imagine how your both personal and professional experience can add value to the content you write.

Now with some topics in your mind, you need to do some research how to present it effectively. All thanks to keyword research tools where you can find out what readers are searching for and blog accordingly. You just need to follow your instincts, do a good research and be patient and start writing your blog to share meaningful content with the world.

 Choose or Purchase Your Domain Name for Blogging.

After you have thought about which topic you are interested for blogging, this the next step that deserves some attention and time. To choose a domain name which is slightly related to your blog name, doing this your readers will know inevitably on what topics your blog is related.  To figure out even though if it takes some time, and pick a name that associates with your topics for blogging. Try to search for short and simple domain name.

which is easy to spell and search. Search which is relevant to your subject / niche which will reflect the choice of the content on your blog. Names those are easy to remember to search. Be creative or play with the words, as it reflects the voice of your content. It is like a competition with the keywords, for instance some successful bloggers craft their titles and keywords for a good domain name. With your domain name in mind for blogging, choose an appropriate and effective extensions like  etc. among all these extensions the best option is.


If you already have a domain name you can use it here, or purchase from another site and then connect with the Bluehost. Best option would be registering and purchasing your domain name all at once with Bluehost for blogging. Moreover, in Bluehost you will get your domain name for free of charge for first year irrespective whichever plan you choose for blogging in Bluehost. Bluehost will check the data base of all the domains just to make sure that you are not buying to domain name which already exists.

Buy or Choose Web Host Through Bluehost for Blogging.

With your subject and domain name already in mind, it’s time to get up and start blogging!!Purchasing a host in Bluehost is very simple and easy. Just sign up by clicking ‘get started’ on the homepage. This will take you the several hosting plans. As a beginner you can opt for basic or plus plans which will provide you most of the features required to blog at an affordable cost. As your blogging grows, you can upgrade your plan and just pay the difference. You need to fill your information in all the mandatory fields to complete your web hosting account sign up, which include:

Account information.
Package information.
Package extras.
Payment information.
This field requires you to add your personal information like name and address which is quite easy. Here you have a chance to review hosting plan you have selected for blogging. If you are very serious about your blog, select for longer duration hosting plan which will also save some money. As you proceed further you will be presented with few add-on / package extras. Purchase domain privacy protection which is highly recommended, as it protects your contact information from the rest of the world


package information Package extras: Domain privacy protection. Code Guard (backups, monitoring, restore) SEO tools. Site Guard security.
Proceed further and enter your payment information accurately, agree to Bluehost’s terms and conditions. You will get a welcome message and a confirmation email from Bluehost, requesting you to create a password. Now you have to set up your hosting account with username and password. Once you click the create account you are all set to go. Congratulations!!!! You are now officially ready to install WordPress for blogging.

 How to Install WordPress for Blogging.

With your domain name already figured, along with great hosting plan now. It’s time to install WordPress to start building your blog.

What is WordPress

It is a system which organizes, structures and manages your blog content. This has various themes and design tools to make your content interesting. Before you move ahead to install WordPress, you need to know there are two WordPress platforms. is free webhosting site which is quite similar to BlogSpot etc. is a platform which works in combination with Bluehost and other hosting sites. in Bluehost allows you to customize everything about your blog, with interesting themes and SEO tools which helps you to be the center of focus. Blue host Installing WordPress on Bluehost for blogging is very easy and a simple thing to do, just click a button. It has one-click installs. Your installation preferences will appear on next page. Now you have to choose which domain you would like to use in WordPress and.


Where to install WordPress. Set up your username and password and make sure you chose ‘automatically create a new database for installation’ unless you want to choose other data base. Read the terms and conditions. If you have followed all these steps and pressed install, hurray your new WordPress blog is set up. Only thing left to do is to log in to your new blog for blogging and customize the appearance and the feel.

Choosing WordPress Theme for Blogging.

WordPress makes logging into your blog very easy and simple. Choose a theme: At first you might want to spruce things up by selecting a good theme for blogging. It’s important to engage your readers and to outstand in the crowd.
.com/themes/WordPress and to make it more fancier.

Choosing WordPress Theme for Blogging

Some tips for choosing a theme

Choose a theme to keep it simple and neat, like a theme with easy fonts which is an important key to engage readers and presenting them blogs with confidence.
Choose a theme which is mobile responsive, as your readers will definitely thank you.
You can add your personality to customize a theme.
Choose a theme which support plug-ins if you plan to add to your site, as some are incompatible.
If you are purchasing a theme make sure it updates automatically with WordPress.
Start building: After selecting and customizing your WordPress theme, you just need to click ‘start building’.

Choose a blog type:

this is an optional step to choose between business and personal blog, hence giving you access to most suitable tools for your needs.

Manage plug-

ins: you will be redirected to your dashboard after selecting your blog type, where you can mange your content and plug-ins for blogging.

Creating a title / description: finally, you will be requested to name and write a description to your blog which you can change later. WordPress settings (important note): as you start blogging you will get deeper into their settings, but there are few things you need to be aware of to give a good SEO foundation to your blog to succeed. After building you main pages, you have to customize your sites navigation on your dashboard, which can be done in ‘Appearance ‘Feature previews of your recent post on your homepage


. Which can be a great idea to connect you with your readers. Go to ‘permalinks’ and check whether your post name is set to https://domian .com/post-name from the main settings page in your dashboard. This will help your google rankings, as your site name will be in every post.
The URL for your website’s post includes ‘www’, as it is an industry standard which adds trustworthiness to your blogging content.
Create Content for Blogging

 Create Content for Blogging

Finally, it’s time for blogging to write and share a good content. Before you start scratching up your head, think about your readers and your objective for the site. These posts will serve as the cornerstone, on which you can write more and more content in future. Strategize your content using keyword research, which will help you decide what you want to write and what your readers want to read. You can use google sheets to easily track your progress. You need to have a calendar, to write and publish your content consistently.


blogging routinely is a great way to approach your readers/audience as this helps you to set a realistic publishing rate. Successful blogging can be achieved by dedicating your time for a quality content and ensuring your posts are effective, well-written and user-friendly. When you are blogging, you need to write a unique and powerful content, which will make your readers irresistible and return back for your blogs. As there is fair amount of competition its no use to write similar kind of blogs.


your blogs with a headstrong content, which is compelling enough for the reader to engage and finish your article till the end.  catchy headlines to tempt your audience to read and discover your thoughts on the topics.  a meaningful and attention-grabbing content for blog, which requires lot of effort. Blogging will be easy if you write what your topic is meant for.


Do not go off the topic as clickbait. Do not go over the board writing about academic articles (not mandatory) as your first one, but blog anything informative, entertaining and impossible to ignore. A good post is always interesting and educational, you should help your readers to solve similar challenges they are experiencing in an interesting way. this will hitch your audience and increase your subscribers too.

There are so many factors that affect your content and engage your readers attention, for instance make an interesting design, select a unique theme, use strong contrasting colors, have enough white space and keep it simple to increase the retention and readability of your blogs. In this day and age SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy should be applied for your blogging, it helps your blog to show up when readers search relevant topics online. By targeting appropriate keywords, you can catch a qualified search traffic.

make money by blogging


You can make money by blogging needs lot of patience and experience, over a period of time it can be a good source of passive income. Until then for initial few months you need to hustle. If you put effort and take smart steps it is worth the hustle. Blogging has enriched everyone’s life one way or the other, it’s just a matter of time. You need to have perseverance and trust in this process. Blogging will provide you good source of income and as an individual it will be a rewarding way to spend your time. Keeping all this in mind. Go ahead. Happy Blogging!!!

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