Make Money with an Investment Club

The Premier League is one of the most commercialized professional leagues, which has also attracted countless investors to the Premier League for gold. It is not important to invest in clubs to make money. The key is to use the status of Premier League club shareholders and real shareholders to reap unexpected benefits. Social status and influence.

Arsenal: a combination of capital and competitive sports


Arsenal fans are no strangers to Crowe. Fans who are familiar with Arsenal know Kronke’s yachts, NBA nuggets, and they label him stingy. In fact, Kroenke’s label is much more than that.

Kroenke’s fortunes come from marriage, and he became the world’s richest man after marrying Anne Walton in 1974, who acquired shares in Walmart in 1995 and is worth more than بل 12 billion. With this influence, Kronke invested in commercial real estate across the United States, building shopping centers and apartment buildings. He also owns a large farm in the United States and is one of the largest local landowners.

Kronke’s money comes mainly from real estate, sports competitions and entertainment. Arsenal is not Kroenke’s most important business investment, nor is it Kroenke’s most influential business investment, but Arsenal is Kroenke’s main source of European market.

Aston Villa: Combination of nitrogen plant and athletics

Villa has two important shareholders: Nassef Sawiris and Wesley Edens, who are from Egypt and the United States respectively. Villa is not short of money. £300m has been invested in the rebuilding of Villa.

Nassef Sawiris, Egypt’s richest man worth over £5bn, runs one of the world’s largest nitrogen fertilizer producers, has moved into construction, owns a 6% stake in Adidas and recently bought the NBA Knicks, NHL Rangers shares.

Wesley Edens made his fortune in the subprime mortgage crisis, worth more than 860 million pounds, and was called the king of subprime mortgages by the Wall Street Journal. In addition to banking, he runs real estate, British brand chain Morrisons and owns a stake in the NBA Bucks.

Brentford: The Betting Company

Brentford landed in the Premier League for the first time in history. Their boss is Matthew Benham, who graduated from Oxford University with a bachelor’s degree in physics. He used to work in the financial industry, using his deep logical reasoning ability and capital operation in the financial industry. Ability, he built a paid data analysis site to advise on betting.

After earning the first pot of gold, we directly acquired Matchbook, a trading website in the gambling industry. From the name, we can see what this website does.

Chelsea: From fan to boss

With Chelsea winning the Premier League and the Champions League, the story of Abramovich has been known to everyone. He started a new era of foreign investment in the Premier League. No one can deny Abu’s love for Chelsea, but TA magazine said that how Abu made money is still a mystery.

Crystal Palace: Advertising and Finance

Crystal Palace has three shareholders: Steve Parish, Josh Harris, and David Blitzer. Except for Parish who is from the United Kingdom, all other shareholders are from American capital. Parish grew up in London and left school at the age of 18 to start his own business, engaged in advertising, computer graphics design, and established the well-known TAG Worldwide company. In 2010, he planned to sell the company and acquire the club’s shares, bringing Crystal Palace from bankruptcy. The edge was saved.

Subsequently, Crystal Palace raised financing and introduced American investors Josh Harris and David Blitzer, who are mainly engaged in private equity, real estate investment and other industries. At present, Crystal Palace is still at a loss, and their three shareholders are partly willing to sell equity or expand financing.

Everton: Accounting, Mining and Telecommunications

Every year Everton makes big signings, but Everton just can’t achieve results. Iranian businessman Farhad Mohiri has injected more than 5 billion US dollars into Everton, and they are even considering building a new stadium in the near future.

Farhad Mohiri has worked in Ernst & Young and Deloitte of the Big Four accounting firms. He left a deep impression on a local tycoon client and has since embarked on the road to prosperity. Farhad Mohiri clung to his thighs and obtained a lot of capital by investing in the mining and telecommunications industries.

Leeds United: TV rights and shopping centers

Leeds United’s finances have never really improved since earning the Young Guard title until they were bought by Andrea Radrizzani in 2017.

The Italian businessman makes money mainly through sports broadcasting, and his current assets include sports broadcasters, football news apps, sports agencies, and football club Leeds United. Ladrizzani’s investment in Leeds is all about making money, and he brought in new shareholder DeBartolo in 2018, who own nearly 10% of the US retail market.

Leicester City: Duty Free Shop

The owners of Leicester City are no strangers to every one. Their family is the creator and operator of the King Power Duty Free Shop. They also have investments in hotels, aviation and other fields.

Liverpool: Soybean Merchant

Fenway Group acquired Liverpool in 2010, and Liverpool’s assets have grown tenfold in the past 11 years. John Henry, one of the founders of Fenway Group, grew up in the countryside and was interested in soybean trading since he was a child. He designed a sophisticated soybean trading system to make his fortune. At present, Fenway Group also owns the Boston Red Sox of the American Professional Baseball League, the Boston Globe and other industries.

Fenway’s other shareholder is familiar to everyone, that is, NBA superstar LeBron James, who owns a partial stake in Liverpool

Manchester United: Debt and prime shopping centers

Glazer’s acquisition of Manchester United was an extraordinary investment. The old Glazer made his fortune from repairing watches and jewelry, and gradually entered the real estate industry. He has some experience in commercial real estate and residential transactions and then began to enter the TV, health care, toys, etc. industry. Currently, they own a mega mall, as well as own Manchester United and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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