How To Start A Passive Income Blog In 2 Days!

Hey Guys, lets learn How To Start A Passive Income Blog In 2 Days!. Passive Income Blog – Affiliate marketing through blogs is expected to bring in more than £6 billion by 2024 in the US alone. So now is the perfect time to try earning passive income for yourself online.

What is passive income?


Passive income is literally what it says: instead of actively exchanging your time for wages, your income no longer depends on a fixed working time, such as a working day at the office.
Instead, you can start a blog or invest in stocks and sit back while the income comes in on its own. Register directly? Well, before you do anything, there are a few things you should know about passive income, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

How to create passive earnings barring investing money.

There is a huge choice of options for anyone who wants to generate passive income. To start with, it’s important to ask yourself what skills you really have to offer, for example:
Visual arts: Are you good with a camera or do you have an eye for design? You can earn a reasonable income by selling stock photos or graphic templates.

Crafts and Hobbies


: Opening your own shop on a creative platform like Etsy could be your thing.
Wellness and health: Another popular topic is fitness and health. Whether you offer healthy recipes or exercise tips, creating instructional videos or vlogs could be for you. Blogging is one of the most popular and accessible ways to successfully start an online business. Producing content on a topic you already enjoy can spark niche interest — and make money. It’s now easier than ever to have an online presence on a budget-friendly, easy-to-setup blogging platform like WordPress. Moreover, the formula has been tried and tested: WordPress blogs have more than 400 million visitors per month. With cheap and sometimes even free blogging platforms and hosting services, blogging is the obvious choice if you want to earn passive income online. If you follow the basics, you can get started with little to no investment cost.

Make money with a website

The basics and the benefits
Why choose blogging over the other passive earning opportunities? Since it is so easy to get into, the market for bloggers has become quite crowded. Still, there are a few obvious benefits to creating your own blog. These are.

Earn money day and night

50% of marketers say their biggest problem is a lack of time. If you manage to appeal to a global audience with different time zones, you can literally make money while you sleep. Can it be even more passive? If you plan your SEO strategy well and work with services like Google Ads, search engines can do the work for you and build your audience with a minimum of effort.

Build trust with your audience

Providing consistent, informative content gives you the opportunity to bond with your readers. Unless poorly structured, blogs are usually not overtly commercial. The reason why a concept like affiliate marketing works is the existence of a certain trust between an audience and a blogger. If they care about their reputation, bloggers won’t just recommend any service or product. That’s why readers are more likely to take your recommendations seriously and click on your links.

Strengthening your digital identity

If you want to use blogging as a springboard for other income, it is paramount that you produce engaging and quality content. With a potentially limitless growing audience and an online presence under your control, your blog is a great way to network. You can become so popular with it that you can reap the financial benefits of it. Though it’s untrodden ground, beauty blogger Kristina Bazan managed to stand out in such a way that her online presence culminated in a lucrative real-life partnership with L’Oreal.
These are simply three of the many advantages of blogging.
As e-commerce grows and blogs become more popular, every day there will be more reasons to choose blogging as passive income. The next thing to consider is how you want to monetize your blog and what steps you need to take to do so.

How to make cash running a blog and the place to start.

Once you’ve decided to start blogging, you can actually get started pretty quickly. While brainstorming for your blog, find a topic that you are genuinely interested in. You will be creating a lot of content around this topic so it is important that you have a passion or great interest in it.
If you write about computer games and haven’t played one since your teens, writing and being creative with this topic will be a chore; eventually, you can lose your motivation completely. Here’s the good news: the more specific your interest is, the better. The blogger world is crowded, so coming up with a focused topic can help you stand out from the crowd. You can even build a successful blog around something as specific as soap making. Nothing is too niche as long as it is something that matters to you.

6 tips to monetize your blog

Affiliate Marketing

As we mentioned, affiliate marketing is a great way to turn your content and online presence into revenue. By joining an affiliate program, it’s pretty easy to figure out which products make sense for you to promote and how best to showcase them in your articles.
Products or services
Instead of working with an established platform like Etsy or iStock, your own personal blog can serve as a digital store itself. Not only is this made easy by intuitive WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, but it also means you don’t have to pay a commission to a third-party host. You also have more control over how you market the products, up to and including descriptive texts and images.

E-books or educational content

If you consider yourself an expert on your subject, consider sharing your knowledge with your audience through a paid service. By creating an eBook, you have the chance to sell it through the Amazon Kindle service and potentially reach an even wider audience. Educational content such as an e-course is also a good idea. By creating consistent, informative content, you can become a trusted source of information for your audience. They are more likely to invest in your paid content and click on any Affiliate links.

Advisory services

Once you are known as a reliable source of advice on the topic of your blog, you can even offer your services as a consultant. Companies regularly outsource the search for fresh ideas and bloggers are a popular option these days. You don’t even need specialized training, the success of your own blog is proof enough that you know what you’re talking about. You are a resourceful, educated influencer who can provide valuable advice on a particular topic.

To start a newsletter

This is especially useful for bloggers who write about current or emerging topics. For example, technology or finance bloggers are ideally suited to start a subscription-based newsletter. In this way, they can keep their audience informed on a weekly basis about novelties and at the same time highlight products and services related to these changes. Ramit Sethi of ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ advises keeping creative content around 80% and limiting commercial content to 20%. This way you prevent your audience from getting spam and dropping out.

Host Ads

For those who want to try creating content before joining an affiliate program, ad hosting is a quick way to monetize your website. By simply focusing on your own content and building a following, you can then position your site as an attractive option for paid content such as banners or digital advertising.

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