So is it too late to start on Fiverr? Let’s Find Out

it too late to start on Fiverr?

Here in this post, I’ll talk about helping you get the most out of your Fiverr experience. So if you’re a buyer, a seller, or just someone who’s starting to freelance, hopefully this will help you in some way. A friend of mine with whom I recently had a chat asked me the question I hear so many times. He asked me, if he was considering starting up using Fiverr at the beginning of 2021, would he have missed the boat, this meaning, is the Fiverr market now flooded?

This led to a very long and detailed discussion. We spoke about the strategies that I had employed over the recent years and why Fiverr is the perfect platform in 2021 to start up for him.


So when the conversation ended, it came to me that many people are now thinking this way with Fiverr, probably because it’s been around now for many years. This means people are still trying to find more information about this platform, so I decided to create a blog on the subject.

I want to know before we get started, if you have been with Fiverr before and not understood it, or you have already made a financial success from using this platform or maybe you have never heard of Fiverr before. Either way please leave a comment below in the comments box. I would love to hear your opinion on this, probably the greatest freelancing platform on the internet.

Here are three things you should know.


The 1st thing is, it’s very easy to do and navigation is also a breeze. The barrier to enter this platform is quite low, which makes this one of the best and more appealing to a larger audience.


You can set up a profile and set up gigs today and be selling by the following day, it’s that simple. I’ve always told myself from a young age it’s never too late in life to find and start something new. It doesn’t matter if you have been a freelancer for years or you are totally new to freelancing. Fiverr is still alive and kicking and very popular and with this said, making a start with a platform like Fiverr would be a good move on your behalf.

Don’t Be Afraid To Dive Straight In.


It would just make sense to dive straight into it. There are plenty of instructional videos on youtube if you are ever unsure about anything during the setup process.

This now leads to my 2nd point. If you put in a lot of hard work you will almost certainly become successful on this platform. I’ve mentioned above how easy it is to set up an account straight away and there is nothing to stop you from having a gig live online for the world to see within just a few hours. To guarantee success you will have to work for it and not just sign up and go browsing around the platform.

The next thing you need to come up with is some kind of killer gig that will involve you creating a really good gig description.

The pricing structure is the next thing you have to plan and format. Take a look at what other successful freelancers are doing on Fiverr and copy their structure. Before you start promoting your gig it’s a good idea to create some kind of compelling video you can add to your gig which will help boost your sales even more.


I told my friend that if he puts in the hard work in the beginning and ensures that everything is right from the onset, then this will help his Fiverr business jumpstart and will assist in ranking his gig highly in the search. Keep it basic to start and he will soon learn how to optimize his future gigs by following and learning from fellow successful freelancers.

 Final Thoughts


This leads us to my final point. This is a marathon not a sprint with Fiverr. You can start selling as soon as today. If you go ahead, create an account and set your gig up. Have no fear, people require your help and are willing to pay for it.

You will make some money and that could happen for you tomorrow, the day after, or even next week. The truth is, if you are intending to use Fiverr as a long-term business plan, you have to look at it more like a marathon and part of that is understanding that you may not have immediate success upon starting on the Fiverr platform.

I mean that’s just the reality. Freelance websites like Fiverr are based on social proof, meaning the more gigs you sell and the better reviews you get, the more inclined people are to buy from you.

So that means, it can be hard going at the onset, but by sticking with it and putting in the continual work of tweaking your gig and improving on your offerings, over time it can snowball into a full-time income. Believe me, I know, I went full-time with Fiverr after eight months on the platform back in February 2015 even though I’ve been a top-rated seller for a number of years now it doesn’t mean that it’s too late to start today.


I’ll be honest with you, Fiverr helped change my entire life and provided me with another platform and an outlet to do what I wanted to do on a daily basis. Ultimately that was working less, making more money freelancing from home and spending more time with my family. This being said, I was already at home because a disability caused me to terminate my full-time job at the time. So I’m here to tell you that it is definitely not too late to start on Fiverr or even to start anything new in life, so hopefully these three quick tips have been helpful for you and your Fiverr journey.

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